• Walk Through Metal Detector System

• Guidance Parking Management System
• Ticketing Parking Management System
• Tire Killer Spike Barrier
• Road Blocker Barrier System
• Bollards Access Control System
• Boom Barrier System

• Intercom Systems (Wireless, Wired, And IP Phone)
• Digital Delegate Conferencing System

• Hotel Management Systems
• Restaurant Management Software Solutions
• School Management Software Solutions
• Supermarket Management Solutions
• Software Solutions
• Queue Management System
• Visitor Management System
• POS Hardware and Software
• Employee Time Attendance Machine
• Multi-Media LED Display

  • Police Body Worn
  • Cam
  • Military Tracking Device
  • Digital Under Vehicle surveillance system
  • Electric Perimeter Fence System
  • Man Trap Security Bank Door
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Management Tracking System
  • GPS Human and Article Tracking System
  • Anti-Kidnapping and Anti-Theft Tracking System
  • EAS Anti-Theft system
  • CCTV Camera
  • Walk through Metal Detectors
  • Xray Baggage Scanner

• Turnstile Access Control Systems
• Library Automation Systems
• Loop Inductance Detector Systems
• Biometric Access Control Systems
• Smart Biometric Door Lock
• Hotel RFID Card Lock

• Elevator And Escalator
• Revolving Doors
• Automatic Sliding or Swing Doors
• Automatic Sliding or Swing Gate

• Road Studs
• Speed Limiters
• Fire Alarm System
• Smoke And Gas Detectors
• Speed Bumps
• Boom Barriers Systems

• Solar Systems & Inverter
• Solar Traffic Light
• Solar Street Light
• Solar Borehole
• Solar Car Park

• Road Studs
• Speed Limiters
• Fire Alarm System
• Smoke And Gas Detectors
• Speed Bumps
• Boom Barriers Systems

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Our team of seasoned professionals possesses unmatched expertise, with an average experience of over 15 years across telecommunication, ICT, and petroleum sectors. Their collective knowledge fuels our drive to deliver superior solutions that exceed expectations and stand the test of time. Trust in our experience, rely on our innovation – choose LincTECH Solutions Limited.

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We provide unmatched ICT solutions, driving client success with innovative, sustainable practices. At LincTECH, we're not just solvers, but enablers of progress.

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We aim to set new benchmarks by continuously harnessing the immense growth potential within the African ICT and technology sector. We aspire to be synonymous with innovation, excellence, and transformative growth across Nigeria and beyond.

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Find diverse solutions from Security and Access Control to Automation, Renewable Energy, Safety, and Communication systems.
We provide creative, innovative and rewarding dynamic opportunities for our staff, clients and the society we operate in, with respect, trust and loyalty.
Elevate your security with our access control systems, GPS vehicle Tracking, and advanced surveillance technologies and more.
Enhance convenience with automated systems, from doors and gates to energy solutions and parking management systems.
We're dedicated to your success, contributing to African ICT and tech growth through sustainable, efficient business solutions.
Our mission is to provide exceptional ICT solutions through effective technical leadership and international best practices.
Benefit from our extensive range, including software solutions, website design, project management, and ICT training, ensuring your holistic growth.
Benefit from an African company with global partnerships from China and India, offering holistic services in ICT, Safety, Security, and Automation.
Access our seasoned team with 15+ years' average experience in telecom, ICT, and petroleum sectors, ensuring expert solutions.
Join us on a journey to shape the African ICT and Tech industry, with a commitment to global impact and innovation.

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